Welcome to Faith Church!

If this is your first time checking out our site here are a few facts about us. We are a part of the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada, and have been a part of the Wasaga community since 1950. You’ll find us gathered on Sunday mornings at 10am, but there is lots more for you to connect with that you can easily find through either our events or ministries tabs at the top. You can also find links letting you know what to expect when we gather, what we believe, and some other details that might help orient you when you come for the first time. If you have any trouble finding what you are looking for, please contact us. We would be more than happy to help answer whatever questions you might have.

But this doesn’t really tell you what we are about. We seek to be a community of followers of Jesus committed to Jesus’ Great Commandment and Great Commission. Through 4 Connects (Connecting to God, Connecting to Others, Connecting in Service and Connecting to the Lost), we look to make and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Whether you are looking to grow as a follower of Jesus, have deep reservations or doubts about Jesus, anywhere in between or are just looking for a community of people to belong to, you are welcome to join and belong. Feel free to be yourself, experience God and journey with others seeking to do the same. We’re not perfect, but we’re convinced God is not done with us, and He’s not done with you. We’d love to meet you.