Won't God Just Give Me Self-Control?

Why doesn't God just immediately change our character so we never sin again? He can't, because He has made us with the free will to make moral decisions. That means our decisions matter because the choice to love God is not a one-time decision. But God has given us everything we need to learn and grow in self-control, including His grace and standing with Him as His children. By looking at these, we will encourage ourselves and find empowerment to live self-controlled lives.

The Power of Habit

God calls us to 'make every effort' to add to our faith qualities which will make our faith effective in our day to day lives. Part of this is using our willpower to build positive habits which will align our lives with what God has already done for us. Some habits (patterns of behaviour) are more powerful than others in shaping our lives, keystone habits such as prayer, engaging Scripture and being connected in community with other believers.

Two Enemies of Self-Control - Summer of Self-Control #3

Christian self-control is for the purpose of releasing us to love God and others. Our two greatest enemies to our self-control are our selfish orientation (flesh, sinful nature) and Satan. Both bring temptations prompting us to take short-cuts to what we see as good things. So how can we co-operate with God to stay on His course to His good?

Self Control Isn't About You - Summer of Self-Control #1

Self-control is a key fruit of the Spirit as it provides a basis for the others to grow and be displayed to fuller effect. The goal of self-control is to free us to love God and love others. As we begin this series, we look at the value of self-control and the meaning of self-control as defined by the New Testament.

Living with the end in view

Joe Stanley shares an update on his story of how God has been working and speaking into his life, including the last two and a half years of a severe cancer diagnosis. In sharing his story, Joe shares a number of the insights he has gained about living a life following Jesus in good times and bad, particularly in making life now count for eternity.

Making Room for God

We are naive to think that just because God is at work, others around us will be happy and accepting of it. After being with Cornelius, the Roman centurion, and seeing God give the Holy Spirit to a group of Gentiles, Peter was rebuked by Jewish background Christians. Their attitudes could have stood in the way of what God was doing. Can we be in danger of the same kind of thinking and attitude today?

What Does Our Heavenly Father Want From Us?

Our Heavenly Father is loving, patient, forgiving, kind, a protector and a provider, but what does He want from us out of this amazing relationship?In this week's message we explore how it is God's desire for us to trust and obey Him, to use discernment and be vigilant in this life, and to be available to Him. Tune in as we look at these and other aspects that help grow our spiritual lives and our relationship with our Heavenly Father.