What Does Our Heavenly Father Want From Us?

Our Heavenly Father is loving, patient, forgiving, kind, a protector and a provider, but what does He want from us out of this amazing relationship?In this week's message we explore how it is God's desire for us to trust and obey Him, to use discernment and be vigilant in this life, and to be available to Him. Tune in as we look at these and other aspects that help grow our spiritual lives and our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Trained, Not Just Taught

In our culture it is possible to be a Christian without being a disciple. Disciples are those who seek to discipline themselves to be like Jesus. This requires right information, reflected upon, then put into practice. Only then will we see the Holy Spirit working to transform us to be like Jesus. As followers of Jesus, we are called to train ourselves, not just listen to his teaching.