Guilt, Enemies of the Heart #2

Guilt attacks our heart by creating in us an “I owe you” dynamic in our relationship. Guilt is healthy when we do something wrong, but if unaddressed it will get our heart out of rhythm. The way out from guilt is confession. Agreeing to the truth of the wrong(s) we’ve done, and looking to make what restitution we can as part of a pledge to change our behaviour in the future. Confession is not about fixing our relationship, though that is a hopeful outcome. Confession is about freeing our heart from guilt, so we can freely love.

How's Your Heart?, Enemies of the Heart #1

While we are likely aware of the need to care for our physical heart, many of us may not be sure how to take care of our spiritual heart. While we may be tempted to see our negative emotions or reactions to life coming because of what is happening around us, Jesus taught these negative actions, attitudes and words come from within. God’s solution to our spiritual heart issues is not to fix our heart, but to give us a new one … His own.