Emmanuel God With Us

God has always looked to be with humanity. From the Garden of Eden through the times and lives of Abraham, David, the old testament prophets to when Jesus came God had been working and promising for an even closer relationship. Through the work of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit, Christians are a God-indwelt people. So whatever you are going through, you can know God is with you or you can surrender to Jesus and experience His presence.

Connect in Service, Connects #3

Connect in Service is the 3rd of our 4 Connects language. We are called and equipped by God to be able to serve others. We can sometimes see the call to service as an addition to our already busy schedules. But Jesus in the Great Commission instructs us to see service not as an addition to our schedule, but as the underlying purpose in what we are already doing.

The World Needed Christmas, #1

Great events don’t happen in a vacuum. They are great events because things led up to that moment in time. The birth of Jesus didn’t just happen from God’s plan and perspective. God had been making promises to not just His people, but to the world that Christmas fulfilled. We look back and see the fulfillment. Those before looked forward wondering when God was going to act. We can be encouraged that when it may seem to us God isn’t at work, He still is … because He promised.