Connect to the Lost, Connect #4

The 4th Connect in our language of what following Jesus involves is Connecting to the Lost. Lost people are those who are not home with God through Jesus. Jesus is sending his disciples to bless others and invite them to follow Him. And our motivation for connecting with lost people needs to come not from emotion, but from conviction, as evidenced by the early church.

Connect in Service, Connects #3

Connect in Service is the 3rd of our 4 Connects language. We are called and equipped by God to be able to serve others. We can sometimes see the call to service as an addition to our already busy schedules. But Jesus in the Great Commission instructs us to see service not as an addition to our schedule, but as the underlying purpose in what we are already doing.

Connect to Others, Connects #2

This is the second sermon is a series looking at practical ways to help ourselves grow to be more like Jesus. The tagline for Connect to Others is I am helping someone and someone is helping me be a reproducing follower of Jesus. We are not designed to follow or become like Jesus by ourselves. We need at least one other person who knows what is going on in our inner life to help us follow through on what God speaks to us about. Without accountability we will struggle to become more like Jesus.

Connect to God, Connects #1

This 4-part series will take a look at some ‘how-to’s’ of following Jesus. While we are all wired differently, God still has designed us for a personal and even conversational relationship with Him. This was the relationship Jesus experienced and modeled. We are made to “Connect to God.” In this sermon, some suggestions related to reading the Bible, prayer and worship will be given to help us focus on the goal of those activities, hearing from God and in response sharing our hearts with Him.