Connect in Service, Connects #3

Connect in Service is the 3rd of our 4 Connects language. We are called and equipped by God to be able to serve others. We can sometimes see the call to service as an addition to our already busy schedules. But Jesus in the Great Commission instructs us to see service not as an addition to our schedule, but as the underlying purpose in what we are already doing.

David & Samuel

Samuel: An answer to his mother’s prayer, a judge over Israel, anointed David King over Israel. David: Served God passionately, sinned against God, was “a man after God’s own heart,” his “future was in God’s hands,” his heart longed for God.” How do you reconcile these statements about David? How do they reflect your experience with God?


Change is inevitable. change is not always bad, neither is it always good. Change is a challenge, resulting in transformation in the likeness of Jesus (eg 40 days between Christ’s resurrection and His accession). Peter and others went back to what they were accustomed to until Jesus appeared. Peter was changed. Transformation is the change in the inner man, not in outward behavior. It is progressively becoming more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him – to be continually transformed into His likeness (Phil 3:10).