Identity Crisis

Canadian and western society in general over the past decades has shifted in the variety of views on identity, including gender and sexuality. How, as followers of Jesus, do we understand the foundation for our identity as human beings? How should we engage those who views and lifestyles may differ greatly from ours? We will look at the story of the Bible to begin to answer this questions.

Abraham, Trophy of Grace, Grace Series #3

What made God choose Abraham? The reality is there was nothing about who Abraham was or what he did that qualified him for God’s grace. God simply chose Abraham by His grace. Then after giving Abraham some amazing promises, God did something that would have shocked Abraham and confirmed in the clearest possible way how strong God’s one way love for Abraham was. In this we need to remember “As we have been loved by God, so we are to love others.”

Grace From the Start, Grace Series #2

While we often turn to Genesis 1 & 2 for other questions, the main character of the chapters is God and His grace is fully on display. But the greatest display of God’s one way love is not found in creation nor in the role God gave humanity to fulfill in creation. God’s full commitment to love humanity, independent of our response, is shown in the difference in how He reveals Himself in chapters 1 & 2.

The World Needed Christmas, #1

Great events don’t happen in a vacuum. They are great events because things led up to that moment in time. The birth of Jesus didn’t just happen from God’s plan and perspective. God had been making promises to not just His people, but to the world that Christmas fulfilled. We look back and see the fulfillment. Those before looked forward wondering when God was going to act. We can be encouraged that when it may seem to us God isn’t at work, He still is … because He promised.