David & Nathan

How can someone who commits adultery and murder be called a person after God’s own heart? Being after God’s own heart is not about our performance, but our response to God’s heart. When God confronted David over his sins, David did what people after God’s heart do. He didn’t just admit his sin, he confessed and repented. If we want a heart after God’s, we need to make healthy confession a regular practice in our relationship with God and others.

David & Bathsheba

Sometimes people try to exonerate or minimize David’s actions towards Bathsheba and her first husband Uriah. The biblical author sees David as solely responsible for his moral failings, his sinful actions towards Bathsheba, Uriah, and others. David abused his power and authority as King of Israel here. The way of Jesus is to leverage our power and authority to bless others.

David & Samuel

Samuel: An answer to his mother’s prayer, a judge over Israel, anointed David King over Israel. David: Served God passionately, sinned against God, was “a man after God’s own heart,” his “future was in God’s hands,” his heart longed for God.” How do you reconcile these statements about David? How do they reflect your experience with God?